Strategic Navigation of Cannabis-related Tourism

As trusted advisors with expertise in the cannabis and tourism industries, we develop and implement cannabis-related strategies that drive economic revenue and growth.

Our Services


Data Analysis

We collaborate with the most reputable market research experts in the cannabis and travel industries to assemble specialized data sets, reports and insights.

Strategic Planning

We develop and facilitate integrated, data driven, brand aligned strategies based on clients goals and objectives.

Product Development

We develop, refine and optimize products and services to successfully attract the cannabis traveler audience segment.

Cannabis is projected to hit a job-creation rate of 110% in just the three years from 2017 to 2020. 


About Us

Brian Applegarth is the Executive Director of the California Cannabis Tourism Association and Founding Partner of Enlightn. Brian is a cannabis tourism subject matter expert, educator and international speaker on the topic. He’s a sitting board member of CalTravel, an expert advisor to MMGY Global, and has led the advancement of cannabis tourism in California.

Beth Harris has over 17 years of advocacy and tourism marketing experience in both public and private sectors. As a well-respected leader, Beth strategically builds and maintains partnerships within associations and industries helping clients achieve ultimate success.


Contact Us


Brian Applegarth. 615.788.3142

Beth Harris. 916.505.9149


Brian Applegarth.

Beth Harris.

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